Out with the Old, In with the New

While the New Year’s Black-eyed Peas simmer in the slow-cooker, I’m rising to the challenge issued by my soul sister, Joani, at Unorthodox and Unhinged. Here is the Kale Whisperer’s New Year’s Eve stock take of the transitions of 2015 and what’s to come in 2016.

In / Out

Live to Cook / Live to Work

2172-kyle-lockwood-silver-fern-nz-flag-final-cr-4Silver Fern / Union Jack

Riverfront Farmers’ Market / Supermarket

Tatoos / Scars

Indian Summers / Downton Abbey

IMG_1079Morning Workouts / Sleeping in

Cricket / Baseball

Ma’a Nonu Toulouse / Ma’a Nonu All Blacks

Enthusiasms / Regrets11855805_10153119619681915_806051139039152709_n

Kitchens of the Great Midwest / Like Water for Chocolate

Baby Kale / Massaged Kale

She’ll Be Right / It’s All Good


accordion babesPlaying Accordion / Playing Candy Crush

Make it / Buy it

Metric / Old Money

Celebrating my Family / Mourning my Parents

Dreams / Nightmares

Kitchen Notes / Footnotes

Quinoa! / Quinoa?quinoa-seeds

Air New Zealand / United Airlines

Cooking Therapy / Therapy Therapy

Southern Hemisphere / Northern Hemisphere

Rugby / Gridiron

Hating Kumara / Hating Sweet Potatoes

L & P / Dr. Pepper

Permanent Residence / Talent Visa

brokenwoodBrokenwood Mysteries / Midsommer Murders

Gum Boots / Snow Boots

Cook Strait / Mason & Dixon Line

Armchair Master Chef / Armchair Strategist

Cookbooks on the iPad / Cookbooks on the Shelf

Wellington Lions / Potomac Nationals

Cheese Toasties / Grilled Cheese SandwichesBBkingStory-620x400

Lower Hutt / Annandale

Alpacas / Chickadees

Sol3 Mio / B. B. King

FanClub2Chosen Family / Nuclear Family


East Enders / Rachel Maddow

sweet as

Sweet As / Cool

Centigrade / Fahrenheit

Polenta / Grits

Hedgehogs / Chipmunks

Smoked Tofu / Bacon

Audible / Books on Tape

I Bleed Black / I Bleed Red and Black


It’s true. I will.

I bleed black

Waitangi Day / Independence Day

Trundlers / Shopping Carts

Rimu Furniture / Cherry Furniture

Counter Tops / Counter Terrorism

Recipes / Power Point Slides

Deep_SeismicityGeonet.net.org.nz / The Five Thirty-Eight

Oodles of Spoodles / A Ridiculous of Cockapoos

Silverbeet / Chard

Thug Kitchen / Politico

Kiwi Pies / Quiche

God Defend New Zealand / The Star-Spangled Banner

EFTPoS / Cash

nz-dollar-1The Kiwi / The Greenback

It’s Yesterday in the U.S. / It’s Tomorrow in New Zealand

Size 38 / Size 7

Slip, Slap, Slop / Be Sun Safe

Hangi / Cookout

ponytail gatePonytail-gate / Benghazi Hearings

Manuka Smoke / Mesquite Smoke

Raw Honey / Processed Sugar

TuiTuis in the Garden / Cardinals in the Garden

Southland Cheese Rolls 
/ Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

My Cute Accent / Simon’s Cute Accent

What We Do in the Shadows / Dark Shadows

Large-WetaWetas / Snakes

Kune Kune Pigs / Leftovers

Winter in July / Washington Heat Waves in July

Coriander / Cilantro

14.3 / Pi DayPi Day

New Zealand Sourdough / Annandale Sourdough

Mindfulness / Panic Attacks

Christchurch Cathedral Earthquake Damage / National Cathedral Earthquake Damage

Flat White / Cafe au Lait

we will rebuild

Donald Trump, You’re Fired  / Kim, You’re Dot Gone

Hell’s Pizza / Valentino’s Pizza

Kale / Collards

Right-hand Drive / Left-Hand Drive

windy wellingtonWild, Windy Wellington / Hot, Humid Washington

Kale Whisperer / Bomb Thrower

Wearing Chucks to Accordion Lessons / Wearing Chucks to Work


Food Processor / Word Processor

Cage Free / Free Range

Alpaca Nuts / Peanuts

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc / California Chardonnay

Coloured Pencils / Dry Erase Markers

Antarctic Cold Front / Arctic Cold Front

ANZACANZAC Day / Veteran’s Day

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream / Butter Brickle Ice Cream

Adult Colouring Books / Whiteboards

Radio NZ / NPR

The Haka / The Countdown


Chips / McDonald’s French Fries

Sub-Tropical North / Sub-Tropical South

Hydropower / Superpower

Word Press / Work Stress

Happy 2016!

happy new year 2016 photos 7

3 thoughts on “Out with the Old, In with the New

  1. Rapturous applause….may your NZ life be long and happy. My ‘heaviest foot’ is in NZ but my ancestry is in the US – the opposite of your journey but I love your stories nonetheless. I am also walking alongside my adult daughter in ‘recovery’ from depression, mania and anxiety so I appreciate the therapeutic element of your writing. Bring on 2016.


    • I have tears in my eyes. Thank you so much. The thing I most want to share is my journey of healing through my love of cooking. I hope everyone in pain will find their own path to peace and joy.


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